Files to Include */

Device header file */


  • xc.h


  • p24Exxxx.h


  • p24Fxxxx.h


  • p24Hxxxx.h

Configuration Bits */


This is not all available configuration bits for all PIC24 devices. */

Refer to the PIC24 device specific .h file in the compiler */

support\PIC24x\h (x=F,H,E) directory for complete options specific to the */

selected device. For additional information about what the hardware */

configurations mean in terms of device operation, refer to the device */

datasheet ‘Special Features’ chapter. */


A feature of MPLAB X is the ‘Generate Source Code to Output’ utility in */

the Configuration Bits window. Under Window > PIC Memory Views > */

Configuration Bits, a user controllable configuration bits window is */

available to Generate Configuration Bits source code which the user can */

paste into this project. */

TODO Fill in your configuration bits from the config bits generator here. */

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