Debugging over UART

Using a JBtek FTDI cable we can use the following connections:

  • Power (RED) to Power Pin 2 (If power is supplied through another source, do not connect this pin)
  • Ground (BLACK) to Ground Pin 15
  • TX (Green) to UART RX Pin 69
  • RX (White) to UART TX Pin 68

Setup libraries

pip install requirements.txt to install libraries and setup the Python scripts from running.

Reading over UART

Use the Windows Device Manager to find the Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port and identify the port number. (In my case, it is COM5).

Use the Python script in the Embedded-Library-Tests project to read over serial, using your port number (the default is COM14).

python {port #} {baud rate}

The baud rate should be 38400. In my case, I’d execute the following in a terminal window:

python 5 38400

Then it will start reading the serial connection.

Embedded Library Tests employ UART to verify functionality remotely.

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