Automated Tests

Embedded Library Tests

Embedded Library Tests employ UART to verify functionality remotely.

These tests should be accompanied by .c files with a main function which runs. Follow the UART guide for how to run the Python tests.

python {test name}.py {port #} {baud rate}

UART Unit Tests

  • - Mocks the beacon and makes appropriate responses from PIC
  • - Tests encryption and decryption on the PIC
  • - Tests a variety of OTA functions and potential behaviors
  • - Sends and receives incrementing characters and breaks if there is a misread
  • - Receives incrementing characters to verify UART works

UART Timing Tests

Using the same structure as above, we can also measure the length of time for particular functions for a better idea of how the microcontroller will behave in space.

  • - Encrypts and decrypts data 10 times and reports the length of time for each

Continuous Integration

For Memsat, we are using MagnumCI to automatically run tests or other actions whenever code is committed to a specific repository. It runs code in a blank Linux virtual machine. Bash commands can be run.

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