Pyrmd is a novel, ground-breaking piece of software written by the awesome Michael McCaffrey to automatically generate documentation. It is a Python script which reads all of the source files in a particular directory and parses each one to generate docs in Markdown.


python {directory} {enable jeykll headers}

This script can run in any directory by including it as the first parameter. The default is its own directory. When specifying a directory, be sure to include the trailing slash, ie. memsat/. To manually enter its own directory, use ./.

The second parameter, if set, uses Jeykll headers which can be used to generate docs for If not set, files will be generated with standard Markdown.

The documentation should be formatted like JavaDocs to be processed correctly.

Automatic Deployment

Docs can be automatically generated in any repository with a Bash script. It can also be configured on a Continuous Integration server. This file will have to exist in your project folder for it to run.

Run it in a Linux terminal: ./

As parameters, include your username and password for GitLab and your username and password for GitHub. It will pull pyrmd from GitLab, run it, pull the repository, copy the docs to the website, and upload the new files to the website. This all happens in a single task, without any other user input.

./ fleker passwordlab fleker passwordhub

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